Our Journey In The Nation of Islam

Cooking and Serving for the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Messenger of Allah

By Sharon Ali Muhammadthe-cover-1-final

    I was inspired to write this book journal because I felt I should share my blessing with others.  There are so many memories stored in my mind and I’m only sharing a small portion of my experiences in the Nation of Islam, but when I would reflect on the past, everyone would say you should write a book Sharon, so I decided to attempt to put my thoughts on paper. As I began writing, I became inspired myself and began to remember the wonderful life that I was blessed with and to be able to take someone down this journey with me. I would like for you to follow me through my journey in the Nation of Islam; some of us will have had some of the same experiences growing up in the Nation of Islam.  I just want others to see what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wanted for us and gave to us.  I belonged to a Nation within a Nation, with good homes, good schools, and businesses.


                 These chapters are memories of many different experiences of my childhood, growing up and learning that life is a journey, of ups and downs with trials, the pains, and gains, of life. Writing this book has reminded me of so many things that I had forgotten, and how it made me appreciate where I have been, what I have overcome, where I am going, and the people I have forgotten along the way, my family, dear friends, and teachers.  What a blessing, I am thankful to Allah for bringing me through all these steps in life and I will pray that He will continue to guide me through. All praises are due to Allah for his love and mercy.

~Sharon Ali Muhammad

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